Which clan is better, the wicked awesome one with 45 Members or the humble clan with 6?


Pros of Big clans:
Lots of donations and good troops
More people will join if the clan has high Level members

Cons of Big clans:
Most likely more wars
Most likely more offensive or bad words in chat


Pros of small clans:
No one wants you to leave
Small clans are good when you can get your friends to join
Usually people are nicer in chat in small clans

Cons of small clans:
Not as good troops
The Clan doesn’t seem active compared to big clans because there are only a few members
Not as much chatting
Well, both types of clans are ok. There is no real answer. Most people go with the clan that looks the best,  with the highest level members. I personally like small clans better.

Thanks For Reading,

~ Brandoboy