Hello fellow bloggers! Today I will be talking to you about which is better:

Clash of Clans or Battle Beach. Now you might not know what battle Beach is, but basically It’s a ripoff of Clash of Clans.

Pros of Battle Beach:

  1. It has a prize system where every day you get a key to open a chest and win prizes
  2. It has a cool thing that pretty much replaces Clan Wars where your Alliance (Clan) tries to do as much damage as possible to this practically impenetrable base. Whoever wins gets a prize of quicksilver (gems).

Cons of Battle Beach:

  1. The global chat is spammed with bad words and there are no chat rooms, everyone chats on  the same global chat.
  2. The graphics are horrible.
  3. The leagues are so confusing.
  4. You can only fit about 20 characters in you Alliance (Clan) description
  5. It’s really hard to get Medals (Trophies).

Pros of Clash of Clans:

  1. Great graphics.
  2. not nearly as many bad words in Global Chat.
  3. It’s extremely easy to get Trophies.

Cons of Clash of Clans:

  1. No chest full of prizes each day.

Thanks for reading!

~ The Blog4Brandoboy Team