Alright guys today I’m introducing a new series: Clash of Clans: Best Troop Loadouts! Well start with the best troop Loadouts for

IMG_0445 We can use Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, and Giants. The best troop Loadouts for this level are going to be Barbarians and Giants. This is mostly because people you will be attacking will most likely have little or no walls. Giants can easily take out the defenses while the barbarians take out the town hall and other buildings.
Another good Loadouts would be Giants and Archers. The defenses will be focused on the giants which will give your archers time to destroy the town hall and other buildings.
If you just want loot, I suggest going all goblin. Goblins are fast, particularly good at grabbing loot, and can soak up a considerable ammount of hits.

Thanks for reading!