Hey, what’s up guys, Brandoboy here with the second post of the troop loadout series! Tonight I’ll be showing you guys the best Loadouts for

IMG_0446in the level five barracks you have Barbarians, Archers, Giants, Goblins, and Wall Breakers!

• Trophy Raids:
1. If your trying to push one of the best troops Loadouts is just plain Barbarians and Archers (BARCH). Although with this raid you have to make sure that you have more archers than barbarians.
2. Another good strategy is Barbarians, Giants, and Wall Breakers. this strategy works well because the Wall Breakers demolish the walls and the Giants will destroy the defenses while your barbarians destroy everything else.

• Loot Raids:
1. If your trying to get loot to upgrade something then this is probably the best way to go: goblins and wall breakers. Send your wall breakers to destroy the walls and then place your goblins so they can get all the loot.
2. Another good raid is goblins, barbarians, and Wall Breakers. Send your Wall Breakers first so they destroy the walls and then all of your barbarians so they soak up most of the hits while your goblins demolish the enemies storages or mines.
3. The last raid is a classic: Mass goblins. This kind of raid is usually effective as long as the enemies walls are low level.

• War Raids:
1. In wars you probably will want to follow the trophy raid strategy: barbs, giants, and wall breakers. Scroll up to see the details of that kind of raid.

Thanks for reading and 💥CLASH ON❗️💥