As most of you know, I got Minecraft for my birthday and i told you I would be posting more, so here is a new post! I found a cool village with a cave-like area filled with gardens and so I decided to clear it out and turn it into a house. This was in survival, so you can expect that it would look rather shabby at first (and it did, indeed look shabby).


I turned the world to creative and started creating a MUCH better house. Without further ado (don’t judge, I have no idea how to spell that), here are the screenshots:

2015-03-19_16.00.46 2015-03-19_16.00.32 2015-03-19_16.00.12Here is the inside of my house so far:

2015-03-19_16.01.01I still have to make the walls cobblestone and put in some decorations.