Here is information about Building a House from the app Guidecraft.

First thing we need to do is collect a decent amount of wood to turn into Wooden Planks and if you want to make it look nice turn some of the Wooden Planks into Stairs. Also go get some sand and cook it in a furnace to make glass for windows.

1. Now that we have all the supplies let’s set up the foundation, we are going to make a 10×15 Block foundation as seen in the image here.

2. On each corner stack 3 blocks on each corner amounting to 4 blocks total when you count the already placed block in the corners.

3. Add the frame for the roof.

4. You can fill in the open walls with Wooden Planks, Wool for color, Stone whatever you like. Also you can add windows, any design you desire is fine we just want some daylight in our house just in case you’re short on torches.

5. For a sloped roof you can actually use Wooden Planks and set them one block above the other like stairs OR just use stairs, which is what I did here. This looks a bit cooler to me opposed to the Wooden Plank method and it’s easy.

6. When adding the first row of stairs you’ll need to stand almost under the wall and click the side or the stair will not be placed properly. You will also need to place a Wooden Plank in front of every single stair to place the next then just break the Wooden Planks when you’re done. If you break the Planks it should look hollow like in this screenshot.

7. Now simply fill in the two sides like we did with the walls and add some fancy glass patterns or Glowstone, pretty much whatever you have on hand that would look cool.

8. Don’t forget your door!

Now you have a modest home that will keep you well protected from the monsters of the night. With this design you can easily add a balcony, a second floor or attachment without really affecting the house.