Lol this is totally me.



Recently, Deadspin ran a piece that made my eyebrows become one with my hairline: a rant from a dad who absolutely hates Minecraft. I found my blood pressure rising a bit as I read through his reasons for loathing the game:

  1. His kid likes to watch other people play it online, and many of those people are “too old” to be playing games.
  2. His kid likes to actually play the game and occasionally asks his dad for help installing mods, which is apparently a total pain. Dragging zip files to a folder is pretty tough, I know.
  3. He thinks Minecraft is stupid and a waste of time.

I love Minecraft for all of the reasons above. All of them. I love that I can watch fun videos of entertaining people playing various mini-games of Minecraft on YouTube while I plow through rows upon rows of of cobblestone. There…

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