Ok , so we are starting Bloons Tower Defense 5 vs. With special guest Tristan!!! We will be seeing who can get to the highest round before dying! What is say will be in bold and what Tristan says will be normal.

“Easy Peasy, just upgraded my ninja monkey  “

“Same here, What level you on?”


“10!!! HAHA!!! Just upgraded my ninja monkey to double shot.”

“I almost got mine to double shot…”

“Yeah, just got a wizard!!! Gonna upgrade it to lightning bolt…”

“Yeah I got a sniper monkey.”

“What level are you on now?”


“DANG!! I’m Only on 22!!”

“Just got bloonjitsu!”

“Getting that now!!!”

“Should I get ceramic shot or simi auto for my sniper?”

“Simi-auto… Oh no! Bloons are getting past so I have to get a dartling gunner!! YES, got lightning bolt”

“Oh no metal bloons almost got “past!!”

“Lol good!!! Just upgraded my dartling gunner to faster firing and my wizard to dragons breath!!”

“I got a super monkey!!”

“Nice, what level are you on?”


“Man I’m only on  43!”

“I Just got a monkey engineer!! DANG I ALMOST DIED FROM A BLIMP!! Gotta get some cannons!!”

“Just beat free play!!”

“Nice, me too!”

“Just got razor rotors for my heli pilot!! Getting ready to build some subs”

“Ya I just got some subs too”


“Cool just got spiked ball factory for my spike factory!!”

“Nice I need to upgrade mine…OH NO BLIMPS… Yes I got past them!”

“Just got a ton of super monkeys!!!”


“Just got cripple Moab for my sniper!!!”

“Sweet!! What level are you on?”


“Man I need to catch up!! I’m only at 66!! Yeah Just got a laser canon!!!”

“I got supply crate for my other sniper monkey.”

“Nice!! Now I’m gonna save up for hydra rocket pods… Yeah just got them!!

“Wow cool!”

“Lol just gonna build a random boomerang monkey”


“Just got another laser canon!”

“Cool I got a monkey village.”

“I Just got one of those and a super monkey.”

“Wow it’s taking forever to destroy the moabs!!”

“Just Upgraded my super monkey and monkey village!! Gonna buy a banana farm!”


“I’m at round 81 now and I just got summon Phoenix for my wizard!! I Also upgraded my super monkey!!”

“Just entered round  84!”

“Alright now I’m going to save up for a monkey town…yes I got it!!! Now I’m going to get a banana farm and get monkey bank for it. Oh no ZOMG!!! One died… Two left… Now they are all dead!!! But there are still blimps left!!! NO I DIED!!! But at least I beat you Tristan!!”


“I died at round 86.”

I hope you guys liked my post! I might do more of these!!