Hey everyone! Brandoboy here with the WordPressers to figure out what games we will be playing together! So I’ve thought up a few games we could do if some or all of you could play together!

Bike Race – If we all have this game we could all use the same bike and see who is the fastest on a certain course. 

Minecraft PE – I think this is pretty obvious. Who can survive the longest in a room filled with monster spawners, who is the best shot with a bow, etc. 

Trivia Crack – This is a trivia game, so we could all play each other and see who gets the most questions right

Asphalt 8 – This is a fun racing game. Similar to Bike Race we could all have the same car and see who finishes the fastest. 

Clash of Clans – Who is the best at raiding, who can get the most trophies, etc.

So those are my ideas. Please comment or post your ideas (with the tag The WordPressers) if you have any other ideas. I do have all these games listed above, so if you guys don’t have them or if I don’t have one of your suggested games I could get it or you guys could get it. And all of these games are free except Minecraft PE. You can get the full version of Bike Race for 99 cents and the full version of Trivia Crack for $2.99. So again, please comment if you have one, some, or all of these games. 


– Brandoboy (https://fnblogging.wordpress.com)

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