What’s up guys, Brandoboy here with part 2 of Bloons TD 5 Odyssey Mode! To see episode 1 go here. Ok, let’s begin. 

ROUND 1: I got a Ninja Monkey, so now I’ll upgrade it and set it to strong. YEAH! Ninja Discipline! Now my Ninja shoots faster!, ok, starting round 2! My ninja is doing good… Gonna upgrade it some more. Ok, so I got it to 1:1. When I get it to 2:2 I’ll get more stuff. Alright! It’s round 6 and I have my ninja monkey 2:2 out of 4:4. I’ll save up for a wizard now. Man, I only have like 200 Monkey Money!! Yeah! I got enough money to buy the monkey apprentice! I’ll get that to 2:2 and then get some more stuff.  ROUND 10!! I’m gonna need some cannons soon! Alright, my ninja monkey is at 1:1. Two more upgrades to go. Lightning bolt is SO expensive!! Almost there. . . Yea! I got it! Ok, so I’ll get another ninja and apprentice, and then I’ll get some cannons. Ok, I got the ninja and apprentice. I won’t worry about upgrading those yet, because I need to focus on getting cannons. Round 25!! Ok, I got 4 cannons! I’ll get either 2 or 4 more and then I’ll get a spike factory. MAN! I had to get some spikes there! Balloons almost got past my defenses! Ok, I have five cannons, so I’ll get a spike factory now and get the 6th cannon later. Round 33! Ok, so I have a bunch of cannons, so now I’ll upgrade them to 2:2. OH MAN! It’s almost happened again! My spike factory saved the day!! Man, I really need to upgrade my stuff. FAST! Man, I only have 205 lives left! It’s round 39 and all of my cannons are at 2:2. I’ll upgrade my ninja and apprentice now. DOANG IM GONNA DIE! Only 90 lives left after playing ONE round!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I died!!! At round 43/50!! Oh well, the season is over since I died!! 

P.S. I’ll announce the WordPresser’s next challenge on Friday.