hey everyone! I am going to make a new series based on Badatgaming’s series: The Quest for 400. In this series I will have four parts: From 1 to 100, from 100 to 200, from 200 to 300, and from 300 to 400. I will try to get from round 1 all the way to round 400 in Bloons TD 5. Here we go!
Alright I’m going to start by picking my track…Hummm… I’ll pick Roswell. Now for the Game Mode… I’ll do Easy. Maybe I can do a medium and hard series on this! Ok, here we go!! *Que my favorite BTD5 Music* I’ll place a Ninja Monkey here so I can destroy a ton of Bloons easily! ROUND 1! Ok, so I’ve got my Ninja to 1:1! It’s round 4 now! Next I’ll get a Monkey Apprentice!! Ok, it’s round 6 and I’ve purchased my Apprentice!! 
🎶🎧Dum dum, dah dah🎶 🎧  
Ok, now both of my monkey’s are at 1:1. Round 12!! I just upgraded my Ninja twice, so he is at 2:2! Once I get lightning Bolt for my Apprentice I’ll start getting cannons! Round 15. I’ve purchased Lightning Bolt, so now both of my monkeys are at 2:2. Cannons, here I come! Round 19. Now I’ll get my third cannon… Ok! I’ll get two more, and then I’ll start upgrading them. If I can just get them on the right spot… There! I finally got one down! One more to go! Round 23. Ok, I finally got the last cannon. Now I have 5 cannons. I’ll start upgrading them now. It’s now round 34 and all of my cannons are at 1:1. (Except one, which I accidentally upgraded to 1:2). Oh no! Bloons almost got past! I need some last defenses… I decided to get two Tac sprayers, since those are peticularly good at defense. Round 38. I upgraded my Ninja Monkey to 3:2! Now I’ll get my Apprentice to Dragon’s Breath. Ok, I got Dragon’s Breath. Oh man! My cannons are still at 1:1!! I need to upgrade them! Round 40. Phew! 4 black Bloons almost got past! Alright, now all of my cannons are at 2:2, but they are still not upgraded enough! Ok, it’s round 44 and all of my cannons are either at 3:2 or 2:3. Now I’ll get a Monkey engineer, upgrade him, and then upgrade my Spike Factories. I got my Monkey Engineer all the way up to Cleansing Foam (3:2) in one round! Wow. Ok, now onto my Spike Factories. First Blimp just came! It’s round 46! Spike Factories are both now at 1:1! Round 48. I’ll get my spike factories to 2:2, then get Bloonjitsu for my Ninja. Well that was quick. Ok, so I have both Spike Factories to 2:2. Time to get Bloonjitsu!! LOL I already have enough money for it with 2,020 left over. Lol. Round 50!! Yeah!!! I beat Easy Mode!!! Well, since this post was SUPER long, I’ll make each episode 2 parts. As you read this I am making part 2!!!

BadatGaming: I will ask my mom soon! I’m sorry it’s taken so long! We have a TON (literally, a ton. You don’t want to see our calendar) of stuff planned for the summer, so hang in there!