Hey everyone! Today I’ll be making a post where I play my Gameboy Game Lego Island 2!!  

  It’s super fun, and I highly recommend it!

The story line is basically, a robber steals the instructions to most of the building on Lego Iland and he also destroys all the buildings. Luckily, the robber just scattered the instructions around, so I have to find them and rebuild the city. 

Ok, so I need to find some coins so I can go through the toll bridge. I have one, but I need three. Oooo! I just got a flashlight from some random guy! Cool. Hmmm. Where could I find a coin. . . I know one is at Bill Ding’s house, but I don’t have the instructions to rebuild his house. . . I’ll just try to rebuild his house. Awesome! I found a trading card!! Hey look, I think I found the instructions to the hospital! Maybe I’ll get a clue about the coins when I rebuild it! Yeah! The hospital page! I’ll go rebuild the hospital now. . . Man it’s gonna take a while to get there. Ok, I got there. Yeah it’s rebuilt now! The ambulance is coming. Awesome!!! The patient in the ambulance gave me a ferry ticket! Now I can go to Castle Island and look for more instructions! Alright, I’ll board the ferry and go to castle island! Wow, I’m at castle island now. . . It’s weird. Lol they are speaking in old English. Ooo! A mini game! I have to hit all the Bulls without shooting my character! Man, that was hard. My score was 380. Yeah!!!! I toll brifpdge coin!! Another mini game!? Cool! I have to rebuild a bridge while avoiding hazards! Man, I missed one brick!!! I did get an instruction page though. 
Thanks all for now! Thanks for reading!