These are all great things used to make servers! I think I might try to make my own sometime… Thanks Dan!

World of Many Worlds

Now, I’m sure that everyone who plays minecraft knows about minecraft servers, which are basically worlds on other computers that you can join via the internet. The thing is, servers sometimes are just no fun when you can’t do anything on it. Here, though, I will include a couple of ways to host either a free or very cheap server that you only need to pay for once.

1. For minecraft PE or PC servers, go online and search for free minecraft PE/PC server hosting, and click the links. If any email is required, use If any survey is required, the site is fake. Here are some confirmed real sites: for minecraft PE for minecraft PE for minecraft PC for minecraft PE. It’s the best in this category

However, this is only for things like if you want to play a game a battle arena with…

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