Thanks BadAtGaming!!!! You are awesome dude! 
What’s up guys, Thundercloud here! I have been nominated to answer questions by Baggie!! Ok, here they are:

1. Do you like soda?


2. What is your favorite TV show?

Star Wara the Clone Wars

3. Do you have more than one computer?

No, only one

4. What’s your favorite game?

Clash of Clans

5. Do you enjoy your life?

Life can be hard sometimes, but when in doubt, trust Jesus. (That means yes)

6. What do you wish you could change?

I wish I could read the Bible more

7. What do you think about Yahoo?

Yahoo is okay, but I prefer Google

8. What year do you think will be the end of the world?

Only God knows that, but if I had to guess, probably 2150

9. What do you like about your favorite blogger?

He’s funny

10. Do you like bathrooms?

Well… Yeah, I guess 

11. Are you going to nominate anyone?

Of course!

Ok, now it’s time for some 

Facts about me

  1. I like playing Airsoft (if you don’t know what that is ill tell you in the comments)
  2. I hate math
  3. I like making movies and Stip Motions
  4. My favorite food is a Taco
  5. I am homeschooled
  6. Um…
  7. Hm…
  8. I like olaying Minecraft (PE, PC, and Xbox)
  9. I have a dog and a cat
  10. I like going camping
  11. My favorite school subject is science

Alright, that’s it!! Thanks again Baggie! And now for the






Running out of ideas…


So what your going to do is copy my questions for you and answer them. Once you answer the questions nominate 3 or more people!!!

My Questions for you:

1. What is your favorite Videogame?

2. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

3. Salty or Sweet?

4. Do you have a phone?

5. What is your favorite TV show?

6. What’s your favorite movie?

7. Do you like going camping?

8. What is your favorite hobby?

9. Do you like the pool?

10. Can you do a flip off the diving board?

11. When is your Birthday?