Hello everyone! A special thanks to BadatGaming for nominating me! Check out his blog here Today I will be giving some facts about myself!

Here are the rules:

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Here are seven facts about myself:

– My favorite food is Tacos.

– One of my favorite things to do is program games; I just don’t post about them much because I’m not very good at programming 

– I am a Christian and I’m not afraid to admit it

– I am 13

– I have over 4 best friends, I can’t decide who is the funnest to play with (yes I know funnest isn’t a word).

– My favorite game at the moment is Bloons TD 5.

– I don’t have a girl friend (i don’t plan on having one until I’m 16.)(Although I have a few friends who are girls.)(That isn’t the same as a girlfriend).

Thanks for reading!

And now, for some nominations!

Daniel He Hetianding

Cool Codea
All of my other blogging friends were already nominated, so that’s all! Thanks for reading!