What is up guys, Beandoboy here today with an awesome new series! The CCC (Crazy Cousin’s Crew) invited dumcheese and I to play SMP on their PlugPack server (a server with lots of plugins)! So of course I said yes because it sounded fun!

Anyways, let’s get on with the video! 

Alright, so Baggie gave me the rulebook, so I read through it. 

XER: ok, make sure to make your base/home 500 blocks away or more.

Me: ok, will do šŸ™‚

The CCC traveled down to their base while I searched for a good cave to stay in. 

After a while I came upon a promising cave, so I placed down my newly created crafting table, made some tools, and went mining. After collecting all the coal and scouring the walls, floor, and ceiling of the cave for iron, I decided to move to a new location

Picking up my stuff I walked over to a mountain with a weird cave. I looked inside, mined some more coal, but still could not find any more iron!

Me: lol there is no iron in this world PERIOD. 

Baggie: lol

After searching some more I found a sweet ravine! I found lots of coal, and some iron near the top, so I decided to go to the ground level and search some more. I find two more small veins of iron, a zombie, and a little bit of coal!

That’s all for this episode guys! Thanks for reading!

Baggie’s website: okaygaming.wordpress.com

Dumcheese’s  Website: www.rileysbackpack.wordpress.com

Colechicken: None

XER: None