Hey guys! I’m back with a non-political post this time! Brandoboy here with a pretty cool app review for you all!

The Trail is a new, free app that is at least on the App Store, and it was REALLY fun, so I thought I’d review it!

Alright so when you first get the game you find out that you are on this big long Trail and you’re trying to get to a place called Eden Falls. In Eden Falls you can build a house and join or make a town, but more on that later. On your way to Eden Falls there are lots of items along the Trail that you can grab and put into your backpack.

Also, as you can see in the second picture, speckeled along the Trail are campsites, where you can craft, trade with other players, and even go to previously visited campsites!

Another variable to this game is you have a certain amount of health (top left corner in the pictures), that can regenerate either when you are at a campsite, or when you pick up a food item and eat it. If you run out of health you can either spend favours (that’s not how I would spell it, but ok) or you can wait and hope to regenerate. Now the reason this is annoying is because if you run out of favours you have to wait and hope. When you wait and hope your player slowly regens, but lots of items fall out of your backpack, which other players can then take.

Once you make it to Eden Falls (it takes a while) you have a choice of continuing on the Trail, building a house, and join/make a town. Once you build your house and join/make a town you can then upgrade your house as well as build new buildings to make your town great again.

So overall this game is SUPER fun, and you can even play it with or without wi-if, so that’s an added bonus. My only complaint would be about the town system. There’s no list of towns to join, you can’t easily see who joined your town and when, and you have to build a building in order to chat with your town. But other than that it’s a fantastic game, and since it’s free you should all go and get it!