Hello everyone, Brandoboy with some pretty sweet news!

Ok, so I had been seriously slacking on my old YouTube Channel Temple Electronics, so I decided to delete it and start fresh. I created a new YouTube channel called Tech Flare, and I don’t intend to stop making videos for this channel any time soon.

Why you ask? Well, I found the YouTubers dream app the other day after watching a video by MSTech. The app is called Nice, and it is a shopping app with a twist. On Nice there are lots of you tubers and their video reviews on items. Now you can buy those items with discounts from the app, but what makes it even better is some items are free to try for 5 days! That’s all a YouTuber like me needs to make awesome videos folks! So I got the app and I’m planning to try a few things today or tomorrow (of course Nice has to ship them to me so they won’t be here until like Tuesday or Wednesday)!

So If I try four items, do four reviews, and then send the items back, the. That’s a weeks worth of videos If I do a video every other day!! At that pace I’d have tons of subs in no time!

And you know what? YOU guys can help me in my YouTube journey! If you would like to see some sweet tech reviews and game plays pleas subscribe to my channel! It shows your sopport and it will make others more inclined to subscribe as well!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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