I’ve been working on installing a Voice Command Software on to my Raspberry Pi, and I finally decided on the one I would use. 

There are quite a few out there such as

  • Jasper
  • Voice Command by Steven Hickson
  • Amazon Alexa

And you might think that Amazon Alexa would be the best software to use, but in reality it is not. Let’s take a look at each individual software.

Amazon Alexa

If you install Amazon Alexa onto your Raspberry Pi then I congratulate you. It takes forever to install Amazon Alexa because you have to sign up for a developer account through Amazon, and go through all of this stuff just to get the Amazon Alexa onto your RPi. 

Now I will say that the Amazon Alexa is probably the most accurate and quickest to respond, but another downfall is Amazon will only let Raspberry Echo users use a button to activate Alexa. That pretty much defeats the purpose of voice command don’t you think?

The third and final downfall of the Echo will not apply to every situation, but it did for me so I am going to put it here. 

The Amazon Echo doesn’t include the ability to change its activation name (the default activation name is Alexa), which was a huge bummer for me because I needed to change the name for the project I was making. 

That’s all for the Alexa!


Jasper is a pretty interesting voice command software, mostly because it doesn’t require wi-fi. Sadly, because it doesn’t need wi-fi, Jasper takes forever to respond and often gets your commands messed up. 

That’s it for Jasper, on to the last one!

Voice Command by Steven Hickson

Steven’s voice command uses Google Voice to hear accurately what the user is saying, and therefore requires wi-fi, but doesn’t take nearly as long as Jasper to respond and gets your commands correct 95% of the time. Another plus to this software is that it allows you to create your own activation name, which really adds to the customization. You can also create your own commands and add them to Steven’s software, which is pretty nice. 

So after reading these you are probably set on either Jasper or Steven Hickson’s software, depending on if you need wi-fi or not. I hope you found this post helpful!