What’s up guys, Brandon here back with another review! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Ausdom ANC 7’s.

Here is a video review I made on these headphones:

Here is the text review:

ACCESSORIES: The Ausdom ANC 7s come with a sweet-looking carbon fiber carrying case that holds the manual, warranty, AUX cable, and Micro USB charger.

LOOKS: The ANC 7s look awesome. With a carbon fiber felt on the ear cups and head band along with some red for contrast anyone wearing these will definitely attract some attention.

COMFORT: These headphones feel amazing! The headband is packed with some super soft imitation leather padding as well as the ear cups. My only complaint about the ear cups is after about 30 minutes of listening my ears get really hot from all that cushion.

BATTERY: The Manual claims that the ANC 7s have 18 hours of battery, 5,000 hours of standby time. but I will say I have not tested either of these claims. It also takes about two hours to charge the ANC 7s.

ANC: The main thing that makes this pair of headphones stand out is the fact that it has Active Noise Cancelling. I will say, the ANC feature on these headphones isn’t the greatest because it seems to distort the sound a little bit as well as lower the volume a tiny bit, but you have to remember, it’s pretty rare for an $80 pair of headphones to even come with ANC. Here is a sound test:

FUNCTIONALITY: The buttons on the ANC 7s are very tactile and superbly placed. It’s very easy to find the buttons, and I also really like that when you press a volume button the headphones make a beep so you can tell that you raised the volume.

PAIRING: Pairing was slightly frustrating because when two ipod have been connected to these headphones it automatically pairs with whichever one it finds first and the instructions don’t say how to un-pair, so I just have to keep turning them off and on until it connects with my ipod.

SOUND QUALITY: The bass on these headphones is definitely sub-par. My old headphones were heavy on bass which was awesome because I could feel the bass, but these headphones are awesome in the highs and mids.

Overall these headphones are definitely a great pair of headphones and I’d score them a 7/10. They look great, feel comfortable, include Active Noise Cancelling, and they come with a case!