Hello and welcome to my new series: Banter! In this episode I’ve decided to talk all about this series and what it will be like!

When will you post ‘Banter’? So what I’m thinking I’m going to do is make a banter post every Saturday, hopefully in the morning, and if I can’t do it on Saturday I’ll either delay it or just do auto post. 

But what will be the content of the posts? Is there a theme? Great question! Yes, there will be a theme each week, like Star Wars or Raspberry Pi, or something like that. Now onto your first question. The content will be determined by the theme, so let’s say I do a banter episode on Star Wars. Basically I’ll just talk about Star Wars for a little bit.

Sounds kind of boring 😴 is there a twist? Actually, yes! Who wants to read a post about a random topic every Saturday? Not a whole lot of people, but that’s why this series is called a talk show! During or after each post there will be some questions I will ask and you will have to answer them in the comments section below! But not like game show questions (well, there might be game show questions sometimes). Let’s say I’m doing the Star Wars topic again. For example, a question I might ask is “What do you think happened between episodes 6 and 7 of Star Wars?” And then you guys would have to comment below with what you think happened.

So that’s the end…

Oh WAIT!!!! 

This IS a talk show

So now it’s…


Alright so here is your question: do you have any ideas to make this weekly post better? Comment below with your answer!