What’s up guys, Brandon here, back with another post! 

Today I’m going to be talking about my short story I’m writing for school! (Yeah, I know it sounds boring, but the topic I chose is pretty good in my opinion.) So my story is due on tuesday, so I actually should be writing it right now, but I don’t want to miss out on today’s post since I missed last weeks. Ok, so I know your probably like What the heck man just tell us what your story’s about lol, so Now I’ll tell you. 

My short story is about what happens between episodes 6 and 7 of Star Wars! Yeah, I know probably half of you don’t like Star Wars, but I’m a total nerd and this was a fun idea for a story, so that’s what I wrote about.

So anyways, now let me get into what actually happens between episodes 6 and 7. I won’t put my whole paper on here because it’s like seven pages 😱😨. 

Here’s a short recap of what happened:

After the battle of Endor Mon Mothma was elected Chancellor of the Republic, but she was a pretty controversial pick because she did some dumb things during her time in power.

Since the Empire had been defeated during the battle along with Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine (although technically Palpatine cloned himself, but I’m getting ahead of myself) no one person was left to rule the remains of the Empire, so groups of people called Factions began being formed, leading to the ‘fall’ of the Empire and the rise of it’s splinter factions. 

Now while all of this is going on Luke is training the next generation, but Supremem Leader Snoke, the leader of The First Order (a splinter Faction of the Empire) sent spies to convince Ben Solo (one of Luke’s padawan’s) to join the Dark Side. Ben finally gave in, and was ordered to kill all the Jedi Luke was training. He did, but Luke was to powerful and he had to flee to Starkiller Base (First Order HQ). Snake decided to rename Ben Kylo Ren, and put him at the head of his personal bodyguard/muscle group the Knights of Ren.

Since the Republic had already destroyed many of the Imperial Splinter Factions, Snoke had an easy job finishing off the rest of them and becoming the sole ruler of the Empire, which he renamed The First Order.

And the rest is history!

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Banter!

And now for the question: Who do you guys think Supremem Leader Snoke is?