What’s up guys, Brandoboy here, back with Episode 3 of my weekly talk show – Banter! Yes, I know it’s Sunday. I’m so sorry I didn’t do the post yesterday guys! I ended up having a ton of stuff to da and just never got around to posting this.

Today’s topic is on the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl will be watched by over 100 Million people from around the world. Two teams are playing in the NFL AFC versus NFC championship: the Atlanta Falcons of the AFC and the New England Patriots of the NFC! The game starts at approximately 6:30 on the FOX channel.

The question I have for you guys today is:Who do you think will win and what do you think the final score will be?

I think the Patriots will beat the Falcons 17-14. I hate the patriots, so I really hope the Falcons will win!